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“I've tried to become someone else for a while, only to discover that he, too, was me.”
Stephen Dunn

my journey

I am 9 and I discover folk dances through my parents, both dancers and trained psychomotor therapists.

Being involved in several folk music projects, I start getting interested in graphic design and deliver my first production for the website, album and poster of the music band POKE.

Growing both as a tango dancer and a graphic productions craftsman, I develop and start producing the video/dance project “En son país nul n'est prophète”


I start teaching folk on a daily basis and ever so slowly take my first steps into the tango world.

I decide to dive into the tango world and go spend few months in Buenos Aires.

And now ? Now is the time when everything fall into place. Folk dances and tango, graphic design and project leading.
Now I am all yours ! :)

My background in fields of interest ...

Folk Dances

I learned folk mostly by practicing and watching. I grew up in this world and it has been a part of me for the longest part. I followed the weekly workshop of Bernard Coclet in Gennetines for about a year and a half and learned a great deal with him and his daughter Julie. All the rest came from encounters with other dancers (Armelle Dousset, Anaïs Romeo, Koen Dhont, Daniel Detammeaker, Aurélie Giet, Carine De Lauw, Minga Devriese, Petra Eriksson,...) exchanging visions and feelings about movement.

Graphic Design

Self made by nature, I started getting into this field to help my artistic projects. As I grew more interested by this media and since my early work met positive feedbacks, I started forming myself through some of the best resources availble. In order to solidify my knowledge and my know-how, I am currently progressing through an official graphic design formation at EDAA.

Argentine Tango

I started learning in Brussels with most of the best teachers of this community, and then went twice to Buenos Aires (7 months in total) where I took group lessons with several of the great maestros of today's tango ( Ariadna y Fernando, Gaston y Moira, Pablo y Sofia, Carlitos y Noelia, etc...). I also took a large number of private lessons with less renowned but no less talented teachers (Laura Pellergrino, Jorge Frias, Boris Maidanik) who helped me greatly to understand better this dance and incorporate many of its basics into my own body awareness.

What counts most...

What I hope to achieve 
 In dance, I wish to establish and promote my pedagogy in different dances (folk, tango, others...) following this one idea of an analytic, natural and “cultural sensitive” approach because I simply think this is the way that can serve people best.
In graphic design and video editing, I aspire to grow as a creative craftsman, supporting and accompanying any person in their honest attempt to bring something valuable into this world. You always need a resourceful geek at some point !

Who I want to thank : 
My two parents for introducing me to traditional dances  and educating me in a way that would develop my body awareness.
Armelle Dousset and Anaïs Roméo, two great contemporary dancers that have showed me the way of searching for a better understanding of my own movements.
Koen Dhont and Frisse Folk Asbl for giving me the opportunity to prove myself as a dance trainer and providing the space for me to grow in this activity. Also the structure “Le Grand Barbichon prod” for their support and expertise.  
And finally all the people that followed my training, on a weekly basis or more punctually all around Europe and helped me becoming the pedagogue that I am today.

     © Marie Garcia Bardon
“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”
                 Friedrich Nietzsche


Kind words from kind people

Il y a déjà presque 10 ans, je rencontrais Pierre au petit matin sur les parquets d'un festival folk. La créativité dansante incarnée. Inspirant. Addictif. J'ai pu suivre, admirer et apprécier son travail toutes ces dernières années. Admirable ! Aujourd'hui, c'est pour sa grande pédagogie que mon association de danse folk invite souvent Pierre. Les stages qu'il propose semblent toujours être en avance sur leurs temps. Mais où va-t-il chercher tout ca !? Tout ses projets extraordinaires qu'il avait dans la tête prennent forme et ...ouah ! Bravo ! " Pierre dances himself " : je ne sais pas si cette expression existe mais elle serait parfaite pour lui!

Karine Billard
Folk Event organizer ( La Campanule ), France

Nous avons souvent confié à Pierre Chesneau des prestations artistiques. Il a assuré plusieurs initiations de danses lors de nos bals, enseigné dans notre académie et joué sur scène en tant que musicien. Autant par son talent, sa pédagogie que son professionnalisme, il a été une force pour notre association.

Valérie Vliegen
Muziekpublique, Belgium

Pierre is a great folk dancer and a great dance teacher.
He knows a lot of little dance secrets, his workshops are always interesting!

Paolo Ticozzi
Folk organizer in Venice, Italy

A remarquable dancer with many original ideas ! 

Koen Dhondt
Founder and director of Frisse Folk  vzw, Belgium

A priori la découverte de ses yeux malicieux et de son sourire charmeur peut paraître aisé voir anodine. Mais la découverte de Pierre est une aventure riche et tumultueuse. Elle vous entraîne dans des nuits fauves, vous bouleverse de sentiments denses et contradictoires. Ça fait vivre un peu plus, ça tombe bien parce que nous (au Café des anges) on aime bien la vie !

Cyrille Perrier
Tango event organiser at  his restaurant  “ Le Café des Anges” , France.
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