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Graphic Design
An individualized solution for small businesses, associations and community groups to access affordable services of graphic design and communication. 
Make your ideas a reality and let me help you getting them out there !
“Vision without action is daydream.
Action without vision is nightmare “
Japanese Proverb

Services I can Provide

Visual Identity

This is where it all starts ! Where I get to know you and to understand your objectives, your needs, your means. We will work together to create and/or improve the identity of your project and find the best possible design solution to serve it. An honest and efficient approach to be able to find the perfect match.

Web Design / Ux

Nowadays, a strong presence on internet is one of the most important thing for any business/project. I can create your website from scratch, following your visual identity and make a dynamic, original and user friendly space that will truly serve your project. Developed on the HTML and CSS platform of webflow, you will be able if desired to manage and update your website freely, with an optional training that I can provide. I can also remain in charge of updating and maintaining your website, making sure it serves your users as intended at all time.
We will choose together the best annual plan (domain and web hosting) for you and you will own a completely individualized website, perfectly fitting your project and easy to update. Sounds pretty good ?!

Com supports / Prints

Find the perfect support for your project and get your message right into your public. Specialized in the cultural communication, I put a very meticulous attention to the support/visual identity relationship in order to make your project stand out and win the heart of it's audience.

To the traditional mediums of communication, I can add to your toolkit some stunning video productions and the memorable experience of Prezis (animated 3D presentations) to make your message ever so clear and efficient !

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“Eeny meey miny moe, Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers let him go, Eeny meeny miny moe. “ 

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